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Ariana “I Hate America” Grande Billboard’s "Woman of the Year"

By Logan McRay

Pop something or another Ariana “I Hate America” Grande will be honored as 2018’s “Woman of the Year” at Billboard’s Women in Music dinner on December 6 in New York. Grande released the chart topping “Sweetener” album this year, but more impressively, dominated my Yahoo News front page with her attention seeking fling with Bipolar SNL Freakshow Moppet Pete Davidson.

I think she also spit on some donuts at some point.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

"Ariana Grande is a star on her own terms, never bending to any particular musical trend or path in the industry," says Ross Scarano, Billboard’s V.P. content. "Certain in her convictions, she consistently stands up for herself and her decisions in a world that often isn’t hospitable to that sort of strength in young women. She’s got guts, she’s making some of the best music of her career and she’s absolutely deserving of Woman of the Year."

Grande’s taste in men and determination to be a “star on her own terms” is rivaled only by her stunning and brave political leanings surely controversial in today’s entertainment milieu, the Reporter reports:

Beyond music, Grande uses her platform and strength to support causes she believes in. She took part in March for Our Lives earlier this year in support of smarter gun control laws and is constantly advocating for mental health awareness, gender equality, LGBTQ rights and Black Lives Matter on her social media accounts.

Bravo, donut licker, bravo!

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