Finalblossom Seeking Voice Talent (Paying Gig)

Updated: Mar 21

Pic via @IdentityDef on Twitter

Finalblossom is seeking up to four voice artists to read eight short quotes (below) from Jason Köhne’s book "Go Free."

These recordings will be used to produce videos similar to this one:


"There is no excellence where there is equality."

"For every diversity hire, there is a diversity fire."

"It is not the similarities that make us the same; it is the differences that make us different."

"The truth is hate to those who hate the truth."

"Atonement cannot be made for a grievance never committed."

"Hollywood isn't history."

"In a world of collectivism, individualism is suicide."

"There is no Western Civilization without Westernkind."

For more info, please email

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