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Justin Timberlake's New Album "Man of the Woods" is Wiggity Wack

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

By HuWhite Lion

A few weeks ago, I saw that Justin Timberlake was releasing a new album called Man of the Woods. Although the occasional sugary sweet pop song does catch my fancy, most are worth ignoring. However, I was intrigued by the title “Man of the Woods” and a video of JT running through a cornfield.

I was struck by the possibility that his new artistic direction might be a sign of the cultural tides turning in our favor and that perhaps Alt-Right ideas are beginning to affect even the uppermost echelons of our globo-centric culture. Well, this is what the idealist in me was hoping. The hardened realist side of me thought that JT’s undoubtedly Jewish handlers are hedging their bets in a cynical attempt to simultaneously co-opt and profit from the rising tide of White Identity.

After hearing the album and seeing the cover art, it’s impossible to determine to what extent the idealist or realist sides are correct. From the cheesy, art school tier album cover, one could surmise that JT is genuinely torn between his former mouseketeer, former boy band, uber-urban, sell-out self and his Tennessee, White son of a Baptist Church Choir Director roots.

What is clear is that this album would be best served as background music in a mall where normies are using credit to buy products made in “shithole” countries.

From a cursory glance at song titles like “Montana”, “Breeze Off the Pond”, “Flannel” and “Livin’ Off the Land”, one might expect a more Americana type sound. Unfortunately, this is not what you get. Instead, we are treated to the same lame, boring musical tropes and timbres that Timberlake and company have been producing for years. The most popular song on the album called “Say Something” features country music singer Chris Stapleton. Apparently, Stapleton and Timberlake are friends in real life. Adding Stapleton’s focus-group approved grittiness to the album was likely an attempt to appeal to the inhabitants of “flyover country”, but it feels shoehorned in.

With the capable but over-rated Timbaland as producer, the production quality is high, but the production style is tired and lazy. From the beats, to the canned sounds of the snare drums, claps and snaps, it has all of the overused, black-accommodating, hip-hop leaning sounds that we’ve come to know and loathe.

The musical style through most of the album is Timberlake’s standard shiny, globo-pop with a slightly greater focus on the current Neo-Funk/Soul trend (see Bruno Mars) that is pretty much just a regurgitation of the past minus the warmth and charm of analog and segregation. Some acoustic guitars, a fiddle and the occasional B3 organ are tossed in to give the album a more “rootsy” feel, but the unconscious, foundational themes of the music remain unchanged. The instrumentation on the album is analogous to the Democratic National Committee paying a marketing firm to tell them what words to change in their brochure to appeal more to working-class Whites. The branding may change, but the core is still rotten and Anti-White. JT is still aping blacks in his singing style and word choice, the lyrics are base and the musical compositions are overly simplistic with little to no melodic movement.

In conclusion, Justin Timberlake is a banal wigger who sold his people out long ago.

JT playing 3-way kissy face with Satan

Once you’ve sold your soul to the devil, there’s no coming back, especially for an artist. All an artist really has is their artistic integrity, but JT was never an artist. He’s always been a puppet and has admitted as much.

Overall, “Man of the Woods” comes off as a lame and disingenuous attempt to leech off of the growing White Identity movement and it's accompanying artistic wing. The good news is that whether this new artistic direction was decided by JT or his Jewish handlers, it is clear evidence that there is a broader cultural trend of White Americans wanting to get back in touch with their traditional identity.

If you want to hear authentic Americana, I highly recommend James Ryan’s “Deserae.” You can listen to it HERE!!! And if you like the song, PLEASE BUY IT!!! Great music doesn’t just magically produce itself. It takes a team of talented and skilled professionals to make it happen.

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