Mama's Mini-Interview with Alma Lahar

You will recognize Alma Lahar’s killer set of pipes from a mile away – this fella can SING! Then when you add his musical flavor, composition, emotion—welp, you got yourself an amazing artist! After you read this, go listen to his stuff. My favorite is “Wake the Womb” 😉

1. When did you start making music?

I started making music in or around Jr. High. I was in orchestra playing violin, then took up guitar lessons at that time. A 2-part guitar instrumental was the first piece I ever wrote.

2. What inspires you to make music?

Sound in general. I've always been really audibly focused, I love sound, and as a kid grew up with "Yak Baks'' and a Talkboy. But today what inspires me more than anything is the community in The White Art Collective and The No White Guilt Community. White-positive Sphere, they call it. There are literal heroes in this community and it only took about 2 years for me to realize the magnitude of what's happening in this sphere. People are actually being reborn here, it's the most inspirational thing I've ever seen.

3. Can you tell me a little bit about your process?

I'm still figuring that out myself. I took about an 8-year hiatus from music, then about 2 years ago I did some collab work with a friend, so recently I've been mostly a vocalist doing collab work. But my process for writing vocals is probably the same as most other vocalists: I listen to whatever music I'm given; could be just a guitar or full band recording. I listen to it literally hundreds of times until I come up with a vocal melody based off of gibberish (certain vowels and consonants always belong at certain parts of the music it seems.) Eventually the melody and its gibberish will form words, then phrases, then the lyrics. The theme is always decided as the lyrics form. It's like naming your baby before it's born. This process almost always takes place in my car during my commute, because it's the one place where I know no one can really hear me, but it can also happen at work if I'm doing something braindead.

Mama sez: If you’re making music – you can’t be braindead! LOL It’s just your musical brain taking over, my friend. Please listen to this amazing artist for yourself.






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