Mama's Mini-Interview with Awaiting Dawn

I am pleased to present my next Mini-Interview, this one with Awaiting Dawn. For quite a while this amazing artist released only instrumentals. Clever, evocative, sometimes ethereal instrumental pieces. He plays piano, guitar, and probably more stuff, but I forgot to ask him. Then, out of nowhere, BAM he starts singing! HUZZAH! As if Awaiting Dawn tunes couldn’t get any better?!

YOU: What should I do to find out more about Awaiting Dawn?

MAMA: Read article, follow links, listen to stuff!

1. When did you start making music?

I've been around music my whole life, from piano lessons to playing in church, but I only started writing music of my own in high school. My brother had decided to get a digital audio workstation, and once I messed around with creating simple music on it, I was hooked. DAWs are very useful for synthesizing, recording, and processing whatever experiments I can come up with, so I've been branching out into music of all kinds ever since.

2. What inspires you to make music?

It's hard to pin down a single source of inspiration, especially because my work tends to be so varied. Sometimes, it will be something simple as a sight or feeling, as was the case with "Summer Moon" (guess what inspired that one, huh). But other times it will be a more specific message I want to convey, as is usually the case with my more complex music such as Upwards EP. Art from other WAC artists is also very inspiring -- especially poems from Nullus, music from Hiraeth, Xurious, Amalec, and many others -- to the point where I will feel the need to channel the feeling that was conveyed through their art into my own. On the other hand, sometimes I simply sit down with an instrument and see what comes out. So, as you can tell, I never have a shortage of ideas.

3. Can you tell me a little bit about your process?

My process, like everything else, varies greatly from song to song. With ambient pieces, I will often start with a simple, repeating pattern on guitar or piano, then add background elements to accompany it, allow it to evolve, and flesh out the concept until I feel it's reached fruition. With my heavier metal/rock music, I almost always start with rhythm guitar and drums to lay down the general structure of the song, then add extra elements in order to give each section a distinct feel. I almost always write and record the vocals last of all, as that seems to help me write lyrics and vocals that both convey the meaning I was going for and sound intuitive and fitting for the instrumentals. After all the writing, there are the effects, which sometimes have an art of their own -- making layered atmospheres with reverb and delay is a very important part of all my music. Most of the time spent on an Awaiting Dawn track, though, is spent slowly tweaking and refining the production of the track, until the initial idea comes across as clearly as possible.



Awaiting Dawn was the guest on Imperium Art, hosted by Donald Kent and Nullus. Great conversation! Check it out: Imperium Art Episode 48 - The Music of Awaiting Dawn



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