Mama’s Mini-Interview with DαɳιҽʅTιԃɯҽʅʅ14

DanielTidwell14’s raw emotion comes through in each of his original pieces: in composition, lyrics, and performance style. I’m just going to be lazy here and copy and paste the perfect description of his sound from his Bandcamp page, “Alternative pop rock heavily influenced by cinematic pieces, electronic music, folk works, and industrial rock. Some have called it ‘industrial folktronica’ (!)

But he’s not just a musician, he’s also a music connoisseur and curator of TheFinds playlist on Spotify, “Twitter’s ‘Battle of the Independents’ Playlist #TheFinds” He scours the music-o-sphere for worthy additions to #TheFinds and independent artists on Twitter go looking for him, as well. The result is always a sonically enticing blend of Good Stuff to Listen To.

1. When did you start making music?

In 2007 during my deployment to Iraq. There was no internet where I was stationed, and if I wanted to hear something new, I had to make it. Before that I mostly just did piano covers for my own private enjoyment and musical scholarship.

If you want to hear something that was literally made in a tent in Iraq, look no further than 'And Then She Fell' and 'Switchblade Symphony.'

2. What inspires you to make music?

Contrary to most creative types, I'm more of an explorer of musical theory. Very analytical process. Injecting emotion comes after I've laid the groundwork for a solid foundation.

Lyrics are a greater challenge. Sometimes the whole thing will fall in my lap and be done within a day. I'll see something on the news or have an interesting encounter and that'll push the story forward. Then there's times where I will struggle with finding the right words to this theory crafted piece for weeks or months.

3. Can you tell me a little bit about your process?

Every project starts with a question: What can I do with alternating odd time signatures? What happens when you slow down thrash metal and make it soulful? Can you make a Pop song in Lydian? What would Dorian Blues sound like? Sometimes I find the answers are pretty interesting, and I don't mind sharing the result of that exploration with the world.

'Why I Try', my latest, was literally the result of the first of those questions I just listed.

However, as with any experimentation, a lot of answers end up being bin worthy. I probably release 1/10th of what I write.

Mama sez: THANK YOU FOR THE 1/10th!

Check out DanielTidwell14’s original music: Soundcloud:

Bandcamp: Twitter: @DanielTidwell14

Website: xo


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