Mama's Mini-Interview with Laura

Laura makes music. She is a composer, lyricist, singer, violinist, pianist, and harpist!


Her voice is clear and crisp and angelic. Some have likened her singing and musical style to that of a princess in a popular children’s movie-maker’s realm. Her talent is instantly recognizable and her music is amazing. She was kind enough to allow me to bug her with Mama's Three Questions to learn more about this incredibly talented lady!

1. When did you start making music?

I started violin lessons by fluke at 14 years old, and joined some choirs around this time. In some ways It was like a new world…I found it fascinating and couldn’t believe what I had been missing out on! I had to work hard to catch up with my peers so I could study music at school. I tinkled away at the piano myself and harp came later. I didn’t seriously start playing it until I was about 21…there was too much pressure at college. I completed my music teaching degree and though I love teaching and performing; I find the creativity of writing and arranging my own music an essential pursuit. It helps me stay sane in a crazy world.

2. What inspires you to make music?

There are many things that inspire me…in the beginning when I was learning, my inspiration was always the music of our ancestors. Classical Music, Choral Music, and also the music of my homeland, Irish Traditional Music, which is thankfully, alive and well all around the world. I listened to these genres mostly when I was a teenager, all the while hanging out with punk rock fans and goths at the weekends!

As I grew up, I started to become interested in the creative process more, and always found improvising came more naturally to me. I would say it took quite some time to find my own sound. Playing so many covers of pop songs started to drive me to despair, and I felt I might lose myself if I didn’t record some of my own music, and so I recorded my first album, ‘Be Anything’. I recorded it primarily for myself, as a musician, to make a mark as such; and then hoped some people would enjoy it as well.

The world can be a dark place, and a bit soulless at times; so songwriting has become for me a type of escapism, and a way of letting my imagination run wild. I go on magical journeys in my mind, and then try to write a soundtrack to the journey I’m on.

3. Can you tell me a little bit about your process?

All my songs are written in a pretty spontaneous manner. Sometimes when I’m walking past the piano or harp, I’ll sit down and just play around with random ideas, and if I’m lucky, I’ll find a melody, or create a few bars of music that I like. I play it over a few times and then it will bring a theme or a vision to my mind, and from this comes a new song. Sometimes it happens instantly, sometimes I have to play it for a week or two and wait for inspiration. When I’ve written a song that I’m happy with, the feeling can be euphoric.

I’ve just started learning how to use recording equipment by myself, so this is an entirely new venture for me as I’m a bit of a technophobe! I find musically, the recording part is mostly about honing your skills to suit a certain sound that you’re trying to create. It’s all very exciting, because I have a lot of songs hidden in my drawer….it will be a challenge to get through them all!

Dear Laura,

Rustle about the drawer and re-find your hidden songs! Take your time, but don’t really take TOO much time, I love your music and need more!

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