Mama's Mini-Interview with Luke Mason

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the Master of Metal, the Supreme Shredder, the Commanding Composer, and WACtastic Writer… Mr. Luke Mason.


1. When did you start making music? My uncle Ray started teaching me guitar when I was 9 years old. As for actually composing my own music, I started doing that in high school, after I began to understand the difference between major and minor chords. I embarked upon my journey by composing a trumpet quartet (I was a band nerd SO HARD 🤘🏻) and then composing my own guitar instrumentals, sequencing my background music on a synthesizer. 2. What inspires you to make music? Love for Our People and the Irreplaceable Culture and Heritage created by our Ancestors

. The Promethean Bio-Spirit, the Spirit of the West, that compels me to rock SO HARD 🤘🏻

3. Can you tell me a little bit about your process? Usually I start with riffs or chord progressions and then build melodies on top. But, when I write the contrapuntal sections, I start with the Melody (Melody is King in the Hierarchy of Music after all). For you theory nerds, the Melody or Soprano line is also called the "Cantus Firmus." That means that you avoid changing the Melody and make the other parts work around it. After the Cantus Firmus is the Bass Line, then the inner parts if necessary. I often omit the inner parts because it can get too cluttered if the melody is played with distorted guitar. My process can be done by anyone who has the patience to see it through. Most of what I know and use was taught to me. I studied Music in college and have played in a lot of bands. I've been really blessed to have had an abundance of great teachers, and I continue to learn a little more every day from my favorite content creators: Shredmaster Scott, Troy Grady, Recording Revolution, Creative Sauce, to name a few.

You too can ROCK SO HARD 🤘🏻 with Imminent Reign!



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