Mama's Mini-Interview with Nullus

Nullus is a poet.

He is host of the unique Poetrycast “Conversations with the Wind” and co-host (along with Donald Kent) of Imperium Art, a show that interviews thinkers and artists in our spheres.

In my opinion, Nullus is truly the White Art Collective’s Wordsmith Extraordinaire. His work is powerful and evocative. His expressive baritone recitations add depth to his own poetry, as well as to works by others he has recorded and shared. Nullus has collaborated with several musicians, adding music to poetry and poetry to music. (See especially his work with Amalec ‘Thunder and Light’ by Amalec (feat. ‘Sun in Time’ by Nullus), with Amalec and Awaiting Dawn ‘_N-▲- N-F_’ by Amalec- Awaiting Dawn Remix (feat. ‘An Odd Feeling’ by Nullus) and with ForNull and our departed brother SYNTHICIDE ‘The Vanishing Generation’ by SYNTHICIDE (feat. Nullus & ForNull) Oh! And he made these videos, too. HOW COOL IS THAT?!)

Nullus told me once that he has his feet firmly planted in two countries: his home of the United States; and his ancestral home and the place of his parents’ birth, Hungary. I have learned about Hungarian arts and politics, the history of Hungary, and the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 from being a dedicated fan of Nullus and his work than I ever would have sought out on my own—and I am better person for it! Nullus speaks fluent Hungarian and recites Hungarian poems first in Hungarian, then in English. Often, he has translated the poems himself. This man is a truly amazing and dedicated smarty-pants, and I mean that in the good way—the well-read, well-traveled, artistic way—not the making fun of nerds way.

I asked him about his chosen moniker and here’s what he had to say, “Initially I used Gaius Nullus, but now I prefer to only use Nullus. In this context, Nullus is Latin for “no one.” Nullus represents anonymity, but more importantly, it symbolizes the idea that my ego should never rule or cloud my message.”

1. When did you start writing poetry?

I have always taken a keen interest in literature and history; always noticing unbreakable threads that connect these disciplines. I had written a few poems in my youth, but I never pursued it seriously beyond the occasional cheesy love poem. A few years ago, I had written a poem for my mother titled, ‘Unconditional Union.’ I consider this poem my first attempt at tackling complex themes surrounding life, love, and commitment. All my other poems were written in the past two years.

2. What inspires you to write?

I constantly feel compelled to ask myself one simple question: “What’s my legacy?” In asking this question, I have come to the realization that my voice is my legacy. I am motivated by all our great intellectuals, artists, and seekers of truth. I am motivated by the desire for knowledge I see in our young brothers and sisters. I am motivated by the possibility that my work can provide an element of introspection to help our people find their own voice.

3. Can you tell me a little bit about your process?

I carefully lay out my thoughts in intricately arranged documents and folders. Many of these ideas are simple titles, a few lines of poetry, or basic taglines. From time to time, I will open these documents and folders to see if I am ready to develop them further. Most of the time, I write when I feel very strongly about a specific idea. When it comes to my poetic style, I believe I am what some would call a structuralist. I try to challenge myself by staying within specific stylistic and rhythmic limitations. I count every syllable per line of poetry to ensure the right meter and rhythmic flow. My rhymes are positioned to provide a compelling dramatic effect. Sometimes, it takes me less than an hour to write a poem. Other times it could take hours to write a single line.* *[AUTHOR’S NOTE] and it will have been worth every minute!

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