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Our First Collaboration is a Smashing Success!!!

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

By HuWhite Lion

The White Art Collective’s collaboration with Matthew Drake and Bryn Dolman on the “It’s Okay To Be White” music video turned out to be a smashing success! It got a good amount of views and lots of positive feedback.

Bryn and Matthew are both very talented and we hope to have the opportunity for further collaboration in the future.

The video also drew the attention of a handful of leftist sites:


Angry White Men:

The Daily Zeitgeist (starts at 43:07):

Given that the left considers themselves to be the arbiters of art, their critiques here are seriously lacking depth. Although, one of the guys from The Daily Zeitgeist podcast said he liked the song (I think he was serious). The essence of their collective critique was something to the effect of “OMG! Conservatives totally suck at art because reasons.” These are the same people who think Donald Glover’s “This is America” video is deep or that a film about a woman copulating with a fishman is worthy of the highest accolades. They revere whatever the global media establishment tells them too.

The thing that really seemed to trigger them about “It’s Okay To Be White” was the lyrics. Not just the chorus which consists of the title of the song, but the verses as well. Essentially, the song tells the story of a young man fantasizing about a normal, happy day with his future wife and children. To a sane, healthy person, this is a beautiful expression of the age-old desire that a young man has to find a wife and start a family. But in the modern West, this notion is mocked as being too “simple, bland, old-fashioned or corny.”

To understand where these responses are truly coming from, we have to get to the roots of the artistic paradigm we are currently living in. The artistic movement started by the Judeo-Communists in the 1960s was fundamentally one of deconstruction. It’s aims were to invert or outright destroy our social norms, traditions and institutions. It has been largely successful in achieving this. The responses to this song are proof, not to mention the biblical levels of hedonism, nihilism, decay and self-destruction that we are currently mired in.

The good news is that large swaths of our people are tired of these constant critiques and degeneracy and are yearning for a return to a more traditional life with more traditional values. We artists have an important role to play in this movement. It is our job to create art that promotes those traditional values, gives our people hope and galvanizes us for the challenges we are facing. That is exactly what Bryn and Matthew accomplished here.

In order for our movement to succeed, we need more artists to start doing this. So, let’s get to work.

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