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President Trump Embraces Marxism In Genius Intergalactic Canasta Move

By Jeff Winston

In a Jacksonian, intergalactic Canasta move that could only be understood by Bill Mitchell, the “optics” gurus at The Daily Stormer and people with tweed jackets with elbow patches, President Trump embraced Marxism in a press conference this week by stating “all hate is a problem” and “it’s a problem we want to solve.”

Statement starts at 1:20:53

Of course, in Marxist speak, “hate” more accurately translates to “White people who believe in freedom of association.”

This is in alignment with President Trump’s recent push for “Prison Reform” at the behest of his best buddy, Kanye West, and his allowing (and perhaps directing?) his DOJ to hunt down members from the Rise Against Movement who went to Charlottesville prepared to HATEFULLY defend themselves from FREEDOM FIGHTERS Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Pundits are speculating that President’s Trump loving embrace of Marxism and Communists is actually a brilliant reverse psychology move known as “Do the opposite of what the aged White guy is doing.” Just like when a teenager stops listening to a certain band if their middle-aged, White dad starts listening to them, it’s likely that President Trump is trying to defeat Communism once and for all by fully embracing it.

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