Putin Can’t Git Wit Dat

By Logan McRay

In an effort to prevent modern day Russia from spiraling into modern day Atlanta, Vladimir Putin has suggested the Kremlin take a role in regulating Russian rap music and culture.

From The Guardian:

“Putin said: “You said that rap [rests on] three pillars: sex, drugs and protests. Of all of these, drugs are the most worrying,” Putin said. “They are the route to a nation’s degradation.”

“Putin also addressed regulating rap’s use of bad language. He said a linguist told him “it’s a part of our language. It’s just a question of how you use it.”

The comments came after Russian rapper Husky had a concert cancelled and was later arrested while rapping from the roof of a car. Putin did not suggest banning the music outright, stating:

“If it’s impossible to stop something, you’ve got to take charge of it.”

What a fascinating concept. A country attempting to promote healthy values in its youth culture rather than rampant degeneracy and self-destruction. Truly progressive!

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