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Round-Up & Weekly Schedule 06/22-06/28

Last Week's WAC Shows:

  1. Conversations with the Wind #12 | Conviction - The Warrior Poet is now on available for replay on BitChute.

  2. Our Culture #4 with the very talented Lucy Brown of SCUM MEDIA which premiered last Friday is now available for replay on BitChute.

  3. SNL-Stream 06-20-2020 | We Salute Our Dad (in honor of Father's Day) is now available for replay on BitChute.

  4. Our live DJ set Dance Squared w/DJ Boxkhar #20 is now available for replay on BitChute.


Last Week's Music Releases:

  1. New lyric video by Rytger Stahlberg for St. Friendship's "Secret Name" is available on Rytger's YouTube channel. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!

  2. Hiraeth's new song/video "Breakthrough" is available on her YouTube channel. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!

  3. Synthicide released a brand new album called "League of Dissidents" featuring #WACPack artists Nullus, Donald Kent, Imminent Reign, Euphemia Signe and MORE!!! Check it out!!!

  4. Lord Wolfshield dropped a new track called "The Big Sad."

  5. Darkest Sky released the new track "Youth Without Youth."

  6. Traversing the Divide released two new tracks: "Broken Pieces" and "The Journey Home."


Last Week's Visual Releases:

  1. Skinless Frank released a stunning new piece called "Faith and Plan."


Last Week's Film Releases:

  1. Joshua Lindberg released his new short film "The Ring of The Bell."


Last Week's Articles/Podcasts:

  1. Hiraeth artist spotlight on SCUM.

  2. Donald Kent and Nullus released Imperium Art 6 - Testing the Boundaries with John Dubeck of Lilou & John.


This Week's Schedule 06/22-06/28 1. WAC MixTape Vol. 2 will have it's world premiere Thursday 06/25 at 5pm EDT/10pm BST on UnWashed's DLive channel!!!

2. Saturday Night Live-Stream, this Saturday 06/27 at 9pm EDT, featuring lots of new music and WAC Classics on the WAC DLive channel.

3. Dance Squared at 10pmish, immediately after SNL-Stream this Saturday 06/27 on the WAC DLive channel.

4. Conversations with the Wind #13 with Nullus, this Sunday 8pm EDT on the WAC DLive channel.

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