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The Communist Rot is Deeper Than You Think

By HuWhite Lion

This past weekend, a civic nationalist group called Patriot Prayer headed by a guy named Joey Gibson attempted to hold a “Freedom and Courage Rally” in Portland, Oregon. The event was declared a “riot” and shut down by the Portland Police after the rally attendees were attacked by Antifa and forced to defend themselves.

Per usual, it’s blatantly obvious who started the violence, broke the law and created chaos. Essentially, the Portland Police were just there to keep the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer from rolling over Antifa and restoring order.

Upon seeing this, I immediately thought of Charlottesville. It seemed to be following a very similar script. For those who are unaware, here are the plot points of the Charlottesville script:

1. A right-leaning group gets the appropriate permits for a lawful exercise of their 1st Amendment rights in full cooperation with local government and police.

2. The police do everything in their power to completely disarm the right-leaning group. The right-leaning group complies in the hope of maintaining law and order and trust that the police will fulfill their sworn duty to protect them.

3. Antifa shows up without a permit, wearing masks, openly brandishing weapons with clear intent to commit acts of violence. Immediately, Antifa commits multiple crimes and the police do nothing.

4. Rather than separating the two groups to ensure a peaceful event, the police allow Antifa to attack the disarmed, right-leaning group. It’s clear that the police are given a stand down order. According to the independently produced Heaphy report regarding Charlottesville, the Charlottesville Chief of Police literally said "Let them fight for a little. It will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly." It’s abundantly clear that the Portland Police were using a similar tactic.

5. Once there is enough violence and chaos created by Antifa and the strategic action and inaction of the police and local government to justify it, the police declare an “unlawful assembly” or “riot” in order to deny the right-leaning group their 1st Amendment rights. This was the goal all along.

6. The police then arrest all right-leaning people who defended themselves. Sometimes, they will arrest a handful of Antifa, only to later reduce the charges significantly or drop them altogether. The best example from Charlottesville is the Parking Garage Battle (actually BLM). The best example from Portland is the Proud Boys’ Rufio. The viral video shows an Antifa with a baton assault Rufio twice (which he blocks) before he responds with one glorious punch which knocks the Antifa out cold. You couldn’t possibly have a clearer case of self-defense and it was all captured on video, but the police arrested Rufio anyway. Rufio has since been released because the video so clearly shows him being assaulted first. As far as I’m aware, the Portland Police haven’t arrested many of the Proud Boys or Patriot Prayer people who engaged in violence. We’ll see what happens in the coming weeks. They might not go this route since these are civic nationalist groups and will have much broader support. Yet, they’re still hunting down attendees of the Unite the Right rally. PBS (a publicly funded media outlet) just doxed a guy who attended UTR and is accusing him of assault and trying to get him fired from his job.

7. Finally, the mainstream media smears the right-leaning groups as the instigators of the violence which even the most casual observer can see to be patently false. This is an attempt to gaslight the general public to not believe their own eyes and to trigger their years of anti-White conditioning. Unfortunately, this works on a significant portion of the population. Although, the MSM seems to be losing their grip on this narrative.

To reiterate, none of this happens because of liberal naivety or incompetence. All of this is done by design. The governments of these cities are aiding and abetting Antifa in stifling the 1st Amendment rights of patriots because they are run by Communists.

The main differences between Portland and Charlottesville:

1. There were no casualties in Portland for the MSM to emotionally exploit.

2. The MSM smear campaign doesn’t appear to be as extensive as Charlottesville was, but it doesn’t need to be. They have already established the narrative, now they just need to reinforce it.

3. It’s more difficult to smear the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer as “Nazis” because there are so many non-White members of their organizations.

4. Because the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer are civic nationalist groups, they have broader support from the public.

Ultimately, Antifa isn’t the problem. Even after being disarmed, patriots (in smaller numbers) consistently hand Antifa’s ass to them in the streets. The problem is that the police and local government (and state and federal) are in on it. Antifa is just the proxy force that they use so they can have plausible deniability with the public at large. And the thing is, far-leftist enclaves like Portland, Charlottesville, Berkley, etc. aren’t the only localities where the police and government are in league with Communists. The rot is much deeper than that.

Less than a week after Charlottesville, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) signed a document with 300 mayors from across the country called the “Mayors’ Compact.” You can read it here. The Mayors' Compact consists of 10 of the most Orwellian, Communistic, anti-White objectives you can possibly imagine.

I did a podcast back in December addressing each individual point.

To have been able to publicly announce this compact less than a week after Charlottesville (August 18th), it’s clear that this was already planned and that they were just waiting for a triggering event to justify it. Also, the lack of MSM coverage (except for the Washington Post) makes it clear that this was intentionally buried by the media. They didn’t want the general public to know that mayors from every major and mid-sized city in the country were having anti-White, Communist policies dictated to them by the ADL which is described by Wikipedia as an “international Jewish non-governmental organization.”

I wanted to draw attention to the Mayors’ Compact because there seems to be a belief on the dissident right that only far-leftist enclaves like Portland, Charlottesville, Berkeley, etc. are run by Communists. However, as evidenced by the Mayors’ Compact, nearly every major and mid-sized city in the country has been infiltrated by Communists. This is something that the dissident right and the public at large need to be made aware of.

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