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The Killers Release Syrupy Agitprop

By Logan McRay

In what can only be described as a hilariously maudlin mash up of those old UNICEF commercials and Michael Jackson’s creeptastic “Black or White” video, Vegas “rockers” The Killers have released the Spike Lee directed video for “Land of the Free.”

From Rolling Stone:

“The Killers contrast a mythic American dream with a darker, more depressing vision of U.S. life in their scathing new song “Land of the Free.” Front-man Brandon Flowers criticizes President Trump’s proposed border wall, institutional racism and the country’s failure to introduce substantial gun control reform.”

It continues:

“The singer uses “the land of the free” as an ironic refrain, citing the injustices that seemingly shouldn’t occur in such a society. “When I go out in my car, I don’t think twice,” he sings over gospel-styled piano and grandiose backing vocals. “But if you’re the wrong color skin, you grow up looking over both your shoulders.” Later, he asks, “How many daughters, tell me how many sons, do we have to put in the ground before we just break down and face it? We’ve got a problem with guns.”

Unfortunately, Flowers neglected to explain in song why so many people want to illegally cross the southern border to get into the racist hellhole where everyone gets shot.

Gaze upon peak shamelessness:

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