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The Nationalist Movement Needs Its Own Arts Festival

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

By HuWhite Lion

I once played at the famous Guero’s Taco Bar (featured in Quentin Tarantino’s film “Death Proof”) in Austin, TX during South by Southwest. It was a Saturday night around 8 or 9pm so the place was packed. I wasn’t a big fan of the band I was playing with, so I kind of hid in the corner, but it was still a really great experience. Exploring the city afterwards, I found that there was music everywhere. During SXSW, every restaurant, bar, coffee shop, hotel and street corner becomes a music venue and the talent level is incredible. It was an event that emitted a palpable, creative energy that could rile even the most skeptical curmudgeon. As with nearly everything else in our society over the past 10 years, SXSW has devolved into a … shithole. This tweet from InfoWars’ Millie Weaver back in March summed it up perfectly:

Is this Austin, TX or Haiti?

Here’s the corresponding footage:

What started as a quaint little music festival back in 1987 (albeit infected with Marxism) has become the ultimate expression of globo-consumerist multi-culturalism.

SXSW has metastasized into a city-wide gathering of people from all over the world engaging in an orgy of carnal desires with a penchant for violence to the extent that the police don’t enforce the law for fear of upsetting the masses and causing a riot.

There are more musical styles than one can count, although their one common theme seems to be degeneracy and decay. None of this music creates any deep meaning or transcendent connection between attendees, rather it just serves as background noise while the mixed masses consume drugs, alcohol and each other, birthing a swirling chaos of debauchery and disease.

Such an event wouldn’t be complete without the manipulative hyper-politicization of the far-left. This year, they invited probably one of the most polarizing political figures on the global stage, the Mayor of London, Sadiq “Part and Parcel” Khan.

Khan’s speech consisted of him reading aloud mean things that people said about him on the internet. Ultimately, he used this platform as an opportunity to call on Social Media giants to do more to combat “hate speech.” It’s pretty incredible that the mayor of a foreign city (who is in fact foreign to that country) would have the audacity to come to the US, where the right to free expression is one of the most sacred values, and promote the restriction of speech by Big Tech. But then again, I suppose there is no Semitic equivalent to “When in Rome.”

SXSW is the antithesis of beauty, free expression and artistic ingenuity and the plethora of other music and arts festivals like SXSW aren’t much different.

For too long, we have allowed the far-left to dictate the artistic zeitgeist. It’s time for the Nationalist Movement to create its own arts festival to preserve, celebrate and expand upon our culture. It can start very small and simple. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. Given how tense things are at the moment politically, it would be best to keep it a private, invite-only event that would not be announced publicly. Attendees could be pre-vetted through existing groups and it could be held on private property deep in red country. It’s unfortunate to have to do it in such a covert way, but this is just one of the many “benefits” of multi-culturalism. It could also be a family-friendly event unlike SXSW.

For anyone thinking to themselves “Oh, we’re not ready for that. We’re not there yet.” I say to you: BULLSHIT!!! In the process of ALLOWING Judeo-Communists to hijack our country, we’ve allowed our culture to atrophy to the point that when some leftist fruit says, “You don’t have a culture”, I don’t fully disagree. If you observe what the average White American values these days, there’s not much depth to it. We essentially have a culture of consumption which is something I alluded to in my critique of the Civic Nationalist movie The Dip Run. Watching sportsball, watching movies, playing video games, clubbing, etc. We mostly passively consume these things and each other, but we don’t have any real sense of community or shared history.

In order to take the movement to the next level, we need an arts festival to reinvigorate the richness of our culture. This is necessary in order to galvanize our people for the battle ahead and it is an idea whose time has come.

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