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The Path To Victory Is A Slow, Incremental Climb

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

By HuWhite Lion

A number of supposedly “woke” right-leaning voices have come out harshly criticizing Patrick Little and his campaign over the past couple of weeks. First, there was the now infamous livestream in which Nick Fuentes insulted Patrick Little’s honor by calling him a “little girl” and one of Fuentes’ irony bro pals screeched “fuck the troops.”

Mr. Little conducted himself admirably and appropriately given the circumstances and Nick and company acted like the cowardly, arrogant, impotent little punks that they are. For someone so obsessed with optics, Nick’s optics are garbage. A piece of advice for the young lads out there: If you want other men to respect you, don’t ever say anything that you aren’t willing to back up with physical force.

Then, there was the other outspoken and youthful critic, Lauren Rose. The essence of her critique is that Mr. Little is a “loser” and that he ran a meme campaign. She even used the Ricky Vaughn created term “wignat” which is a pejorative used to deride White Nationalists.

Although Richard Spencer didn’t put any support behind Patrick Little when it actually mattered, he did hesitantly come to his (and Paul Nehlen’s) defense in response to these recent attacks.

I fully support Patrick Little and think that his campaign strategy was brilliant. He got over 60,000 votes (even with the voter fraud) openly naming the Jew and his outreach to disaffected minority communities was very clever given the demographics of his potential constituents. I also fully support Paul Nehlen and Art Jones. The awakening of our people is definitely happening and brave men like Little, Nehlen and Jones are kicking it into high gear.

Whether because of youth, miscalculation or intentional subversion, Nick, Lauren and many others (including most of the supposed leadership) within the Alt-Right have made it clear that they don’t understand the true nature of our current struggle. We’ve never been in a situation quite like this before and there is no magical strategy which will lead us to a quick and painless victory. Our enemies are incredibly well organized and on a global scale. They’ve been working for decades (some would argue centuries) to put our backs against the wall and they’ve put in place many fail-safes to cause us false starts and prevent us from fighting back.

What is clear is that we have to start doing something. We’ve reached the point where talk is no longer sufficient. It is time to take action. Nothing will change until we step into the real world and not just in the political realm. We need a united front which allows for multiple strategies in multiple localities and spheres (political, economic, cultural, social, etc.).

We can argue about strategies and their theoretical outcomes all day long, but the fact of the matter is, we won’t truly know what the outcome of any strategy will be until we try it. A fair amount of what we have to do is going to be trial and error. Everybody’s got an opinion and theoretical strategists are a dime a dozen, but only our best and brightest will be able to bring a new blueprint to full blossom.

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