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Trump and Kanye Prove White Nationalists Wrong

By Jeff Winston

In a bold move that stunned everyone who actually voted for him, President Trump announced early in October that he is now in favor of “Prison Reform” and is even willing to bully Attorney General Jeff Sessions into it if he has to.

From the Observer:

“If he doesn’t [agree], then he gets overruled by me because I make the decision. He doesn’t,” Trump told Fox and Friends on Thursday morning. “There has to be a reform. It’s very unfair to African-Americans, it’s very unfair to everybody and it’s also very costly.”

This came as a big surprise to the taxpaying faction of President Trump’s supporters given that he ran on a platform of “Law and Order” not “Sheeeiiittt, jus let Tyrone get his rape on ‘n’ sheeeiiittt.”

Many pundits have speculated that this bold move was an attempt to win that .003% of the coveted Black vote which would give the Republicans the magical beans they need to grow testicles and a spine.

In a stroke of black genius which single-handedly disproved every White Nationalist talking point ever, after being the sole beneficiary of his meeting with President Trump, Kanye West has announced that he is distancing himself from politics because he feels he’s being “used to spread messages” he doesn’t believe in.

From the Observer:

“I like [Kanye] a lot. … He’s a very different kind of a guy and I say that in a positive way,” Trump said on Fox. “Those in the music business say he’s a genius and that’s okay with me.”

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