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WAC End of Year Update

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

(Update 12-08-2019): I forgot to mention one of our biggest achievements of this past year which was our alliance with The White People's Press to produce The White People's Quarterly. The 1st issue was released over the the summer and the 2nd issue will be out soon, so please stay tuned for that. ~J.W.

Merry Christmas season WAC Pack!!! We're nearing the end of 2019 and it's been a YUGE year for the White Art Collective!

We finally crossed 1,000 subs on YouTube and we're already nearing 2,000! Our reach is steadily growing on all platforms and we were blessed enough to get on the No Apologies podcast (on Radix and Heelturn), The After Party (with No White Guilt and The Great Order), The Public Space with JF Gariepy and even Red Ice!

Our community of talented artists continues to steadily grow. We had a slew of incredibly talented new artists join the WAC Pack including Jack Hwite, Hiraeth, Donald Kent, Aileen Alt-Art, Imminent Reign, Uberfolk, SALRØSEN, St. Friendship and too many others to name. They are in good company with our WAC staples the Mamas & the Pepes, The Decency, James Ryan, JinjerZilla and more. We're currently working with between 60 and 70 artists. I'll soon be creating a comprehensive artist list here on the website with links to all WAC affiliated artists, so please stay tuned for that.

We successfully hosted a couple of contests including the "For the Lovers" Songwriting Contest back in February and then our 1st Annual WAC Spooky Short Film Contest back in October which had a $1,000 cash prize!!! We had a great showing with 6 contest entrants. One of our favorite bands, Lilou & John, took home the prize with their brilliant and genuinely spooky short film "Misandry." Given that the Spooky Short Film Contest will be an annual WAC tradition, please be thinking of what you're going to do for next year's contest. You have plenty of time from now until then so NO EXCUSES!!! ;)

I also released my short film "Strawman" in conjunction with the Spooky Short Film Contest which brought to my attention the cultural importance of the "Broom Dance." I had no idea the broom and broom dancing were such a cultural staple across the Eurosphere. I am humbled and hope the WAC Pack can continue to explore this cultural phenomenon.

Zorchwave and Volk Dissident's short film/music video "In Years To Come" gained quite a bit of attention, including being played on Red Ice, which helped us get on there. Also, WolfShield's insistence was a big help! He was the 3rd and 4th quarter MVP of Fiscal Year 2019, but competition is looking stiff for 2020.

"Dangdo Derndo" became an international phenomenon. You'll have to watch the playlist to understand.

We're on the verge of releasing "Meming of a White Christmas Volume II" likely in mid-December. If you missed volume I, you can check it out here. A quick refresher on the guidelines, original songs are good and if you're going to do a cover of a Christmas classic, please ensure it's in the public domain copyright wise. We're trying to steer away from doing parodies because, although they're supposed to fall under Fair Use Copyright law, the laws don't apply the same way to the Dissident Right, so it's best to avoid the potential lawfare. It would also be great if one of our visual artists could put together a cover, somewhat in the spirit of the original. Please reach out to me if you'd be interested in doing that.

On our flagship show, SNL-Stream, we went from having our first guests, Uberfolk (also our first SNL-Stream to cross 1,000 views) back in March, to having a regular co-host: The lovely Mama P.! 8 short months later (early November), Mama P., the WACPack and I celebrated our SNL-Stream 1 Year Streamiversary. We now have over 50 episodes! That's nothing to scoff at.

We also added a new show to the WAC line-up: Friday Unpluged Now with Hiraeth. F.U.N. is a show which features live performances from WAC musicians as well as a deeper dive into their songwriting processes and the stories behind their work. The show has been met with a very warm reception. We're already 2 episodes deep and episode 3 with ForNull (Friday December 6th at 8pm ET) is shaping up to be a real hoot!!!

We also have a couple DLive (please subscribe over there!) exclusive shows in the works: a yet to be named music show, and a comical movie review show featuring WolfShield and myself. I'm also talking to some folks about a live poetry show and a live drawing show as well. More to come on that soon!!!

Given the unpredictability of the limp-wristed Communists over at YouTube, we're building up our presence on BitChute. Please follow us over there and spread the word.

WACPack, it's been one heck of a year, and if we keep this up, we'll be running victory laps in no time!!! Here's to a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Cheers!!!

Warmest Regards,

Jeff Winston


White Art Collective

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