WACFest 2021 Artist Reflections: Donald Kent

Updated: Jun 22

So there was a big ole music festival with some WAC musicians! WOOHOO!!

The performances will premiere over two consecutive Saturday nights (SAT. JUNE 26 and SAT. JULY 3 @ 7:30pm EST both nights) on WAC's DLive, Odysee, and YouTube channels. Leading up to those premieres I'll be posting some reflections I gathered from the artists who performed at this amazing inaugural WACFest. It was intense and emotional! But enough about me, here is what Donald Kent, American Zarathustra himself, had to say a few days post-Fest.

Playing the First White Art Collective Music Festival

Donald Kent, 2021

Even before hearing confidentially of the 1st WAC Fest, I had fantasies about playing it for some time but did not expect such an event for another few years. When offered a chance to come, a certain voice within me said, “No, it’s too expensive, it’s too far, who knows what the pandemic or political situation might be at the time. Just stick to your routines and lean into the grind.” Then the Rock Star in me said, “SHUT UP! You’re DOING THIS! Not only are you doing this, you are doing this SO HARD!” I have the good fortune of having a great drummer who has a lot of driving experience on the route across the country to the secret location. Before hearing of WAC FEST 1, I hooked up my drummer with a job, however I told his new employer (also one of Our Guys and a friend), “You can have him but I need him for this one weekend, that’s the deal!” For the drummer, the deal was I would pay for everything on the trip. We knew it would be a great adventure for old friends.

I practiced my set almost every day for 2 months, and made sure to practice with the drummer every weekend. We filmed a lot of it for a film we are working on together, to be shown perhaps at the next WAC Fest. Although I’ve been doing live shows since I was 14, there are always butterflies. I obsessed about just exactly how I wanted it to go. This was my first concert only playing my original compositions, and playing it to this specific crowd. Exclusive invitations and other WAC creators, I could not imagine a better scenario for a concert. Rehearsals were phenomenal, I would even run through every song in my head before going to sleep and before waking up. As it came to the day I rented a vehicle and got on the road, I just completely let go of it all, I was just going to entirely let go and allow the Western BioSpirit to move through me. Artists are the Shaman class of the White Positive Movement. Once our works reach enough of our people a Conscious Paradigm Shift will occur that will be the root of the future Imperium.

Twelve hours later, arriving in unfamiliar terrain, calling in to find the extra secret location and finally making it out to do a soundcheck was a tremendous build up of anxiousness. Imagine bundling all the Christmas Eves of your childhood into a few hours. When I feasted my eyes upon the festival location and heard familiar voices laughing and bantering, I felt the excitement of a family reunion. I emerged from our rental car like Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison and Robert Plant all rolled into one (I’m famous in my mind). At first the ethereal goddess of Ghost Rock Hiraeth came and threw her arm around me in a hug. I felt as if I had just come home after wartime, a deep sense of beauty and contentment filled me. Although I had seen Jeff Winston on Skype calls, actually being able to shake his hand was legendary. His performance the next day with just an acoustic guitar was stellar. Most people had done their sound checks and gone off to their respective hotels, so we plugged in and ripped through 3 songs to get the PA levels straight. Sounded fantastic so I was locked and loaded for the festival the following day.

Arriving at the festival via helicopter was very difficult as the thousands of fans had knocked over the fence and filled the landing platform. I’m kidding, that didn’t happen, but the energy was still fantastic. Everyone seemed to have a level of disbelief that this event was happening, the sense of community was very strong. As soon as I walked up backstage, a tall thin man rushed up to me and within moments I recognized the voice of Handsome Horse followed soon after by the Mother of us all, Mama P, the duet that makes up the Mama and the Pepes! And if that didn’t make me star-struck enough, I am met with a queue of musicians and friends from all those White Art Collective live shows on DLive. There would be many more somewhat surreal and wonderful moments meeting people who are eCelebs and great contributors to our White Positive online culture. Being able to hug people whom I have grown so close to over the last few years in a movement for White Sovereignty, it can’t be described. Meeting J. LaDarc was exciting, the gentleman who runs Ko$hcertified, the folks at Antelope Hill Publishing, people who had marched for our movement on momentous occasions. I met the mighty wizard of the fedora Lord Wolfshield and his elegant wife, all the musicians and performers for the day. Ultimately, it was surreal breaking down the barriers of our virtual identities and spending quality time in the flesh. So many great conversations and great laughs. I feel a deep sense of calm inside, to quote Alma Lahar, “It felt like coming home.”

For me, my biggest fanboy moment was seeing Josh Neal. In the course of time since 2016 when I started researching American Renaissance and beginning my art, music and content development in what was called “The Alt Right,” Josh had been cohosting Richard Spencer and been a well known and respected figure in our sphere. I later designed a book cover for him and grew to be online friends. Walking up to him he looked at me a little apprehensively, “Who is this guy” was written all over his face ,“Donald Kent” and he burst into an enormous smile and threw his arms around me. It was hilarious. Just after that Jerome Schmitt introduced himself and I was elated to be with these two whom I admire so much. I made sure to float around the festival and talk to as many people as I could but sat at the Neal, Schmitt, LaDarc lunch table most of the time.

Seeing Emily Youcis was also a huge moment for me. I was very careful not to nerd out too much and come off too excited. I really respect how unapologetic she is and the amount of talent she has. We were able to have a good conversation and, as with many people there, I feel there will be future connections made as we continue to build White Positive culture. I was stunned by the quality and musicianship of performers like Kandro and Imminent Reign. The latter, Luke Mason, prepared bass guitar parts for all my songs and drove a considerable distance to attend. I had him on my YouTube show Imperium Art the following week.

As the day turned into night I was scheduled as the last performer, though DJ Boxkhar went on last (as it should be). Jeff Winston had a fantastic lightshow but I had to score some lamps to be able to see the fretboard of the guitar, otherwise I would have been playing blind. The rain started coming down but in the tent we were safe. There were some difficult conditions to perform in, 50 something degrees, bouncy stage, electric drum set malfunctions, not being able to see my hands but, regardless, I was really in my element. They played my video for Someday is Today then I smashed into the first song of the set, Live Free, a ruckus Rock jam on the absurdity of the daily grind; “Do you serve the body or the soul, taking flight or digging a hole. You’re dying to live free.”

From the cold, wet darkness the crowd cheered and we went through the rest of my set, playful banter in between songs. I made sure everyone gave Winston a round of applause for putting on this amazing and historic event. The music was exhilarating, vibing off the crowd but mostly vibing off the message and the White Positive Movement. I made all that effort, put all this time and money into something that will always be the 1st WAC Fest; a piece of our Movement’s history (and hey, my name is on the t-shirt, I had to come!). The time on stage flies by so quickly, for the months of preparation and the anticipation leading up to it, it is an incredible catharsis. Many people complimented me on my music afterwards and we had fantastic, energized conversations with loads of laughs in between. The afterparty is always great once you are done performing, you really get to relax.

I was floating high in the afterglow of WAC Fest for the following week. The bond I made with everyone there goes beyond what we can know from online friendships. We are the culture-creators for the White Positive Movement, there’s a great pride in that but above all a great love for our people. Our ancestors smiled on us that day.

--> Mama agrees! <--

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