WACFest 2021 Artist Reflections: Lord and Lady WØLFSHIƏLD

Lord Woof “Twitter is not real life”

We all know and understand this adage, but it was something I truly felt at WACFEST. I, like most of us, spend far too much time staring into the abyss of my nightmare rectangle. Twitter is a double edged sword. Iʼve made many amazing e-friendships because of Twitter, but the bird app has a way of magnifying small issues between potential allies and driving pointless wedges between us. The anonymity people require in our sphere which leads to us only interacting with faceless avatars also exacerbates the dehumanizing nature of social media. I canʼt sit in judgment, of course, I am as guilty as anyone.

But that is why something like WACFEST is so important. As the different cliques of our movement become more insular and disconnected, WAC has always strived to have an ethos of rising above the infighting and be a uniting beacon. And this was what I saw at WACFEST. I saw no destructive gender wars. I saw Apollonians and Christians breaking bread. I saw people of different online factions casually fraternizing. And all the mountains I had made out of molehills from online interactions simply melted away in my mind. Even Alma Laharʼs ginger mullet didnʼt nauseate me (well…almost). None of that mattered. The WAC ethos of harmony permeated among all the attendees. We were a group of people that have been broken and hurt by this anti-White system, gathering together for a night of entertainment and communion. For a moment we were able to forget about all the pandemonium we constantly swim in. Even if it was just for a moment, it was a profoundly meaningful moment, one I that so many more of our people desperately need to experience in the future.

Hail the WACPack! Hail Hiraeth for asking me and my Lady to perform on stage with her! And Hail Jeff for starting this incredible project!

Lady Woof

Something I wish I could more is get to know the people in WAC better, but my vision loss makes it very difficult to interact with people online. But I really enjoyed going and meeting you all in real life and actually getting to talk with people that my husband talks about so much. These irl events are my way to really get to know you all, so I really look forward to more events in the future!

From left: Lord WØLFSHIƏLD, Alma Lahar, Emily Youcis, Hiraeth, ?, Lady WØLFSHIƏLD break bread post-Fest


WACFest Premiere (Part Two) airs SAT. 7/3 @ 7:30p EST on WAC Channels

DLive: http://dlive.tv/whiteartcollective

Odysee: http://odysee.com/@WhiteArtCollective:a?

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=wac+tv

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