WACFest 2021 Artist Reflections: Luke Mason (Imminent Reign)

When I first found out about WACFEST, I knew it was going to be a rare and historic opportunity. I immediately said "yes, sign me up SO HARD!!!" As the months passed, I learned my songs and worked out the details of the trip with my Bro and traveling companion Alma Lahar. Looking back on it, lots of folks would say that going on a long road trip with someone you've only met online and over the phone was a huge risk...but Alma and I were on the same page. It was a risk worth taking...and as it turns out, we were completely correct. The road trip was awesome. Alma and I had lots of quality Bro time: jokes, music, deep conversations, and lots of rest stops to bust out calisthenics SO HARD.

When I got to the actual event, I felt like the "Pre-WACFEST Me" had died and gone to Promethean Heaven. Not only was my Bro Alma a true friend and comrade in service to the Spirit of the West, everyone at the festival also shared my deepest convictions.

Every participant was about ten times more talented, genuine, and glorious than what I expected. The hardy folks who were at the event were the very finest of people. I not only felt at home; I felt like I had regained the extended family and sense of Spiritual Community that the anti-White System had taken from me….or rather, had tried to. WACFEST, in that sense, was an astounding victory over tyranny, and a bold slap across the smug, gaslighting face of anti-White-ism. When everything was over, it was hard to return to my mundane life. There's nothing that I want more than to be surrounded by this kind of community on a regular basis. Luckily, the Spirit of the West is strong in the White Art Collective. I'm still able to connect with folks online and via electronic communication...and that will have to suffice until we get another chance to meet again in person. In our current age of government overreach and tyrannical restrictions, private gatherings like WACFEST are the future for live music. (and any other kind of cause that inspires in its supporters a loyalty deeper than what they feel socially obligated to show Big Brother.) I look forward to many more opportunities to share sincere music, art, and fellowship with my friends in WAC. If you; for any reason, missed out on the first WACFEST, you owe it to yourself to make sure you make it to the next one. Long live the Spirit of the West! Promethean Hails SO HARD 🤘🏻

- Luke Mason / Imminent Reign

WACFest Premiere (Part Two) airs SAT. 7/3 @ 7:30p EST on WAC Channels

DLive: http://dlive.tv/whiteartcollective

Odysee: http://odysee.com/@WhiteArtCollective:a?

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=wac+tv

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