WACFest 2021 Artist Reflections: Mama P

FIRST EVER WACFest 2021 – what a wild ride!

The journey was blissfully uneventful, our destination idyllic, our lodgings beyond cozy.

That’s where the quotidian banality ends.

Friday rehearsal was my first time meeting most of the other artists. It was absolutely amazing to meet people with whom I interacted for years, with whom I share values and sacred goals: my fellow WAC artists.


Mama P at WACFest - photo by Donald Kent


Seriously, though. The community, camaraderie, and creative energy was palpable. Kandro, Alma Lahar, DJ Boxkhar, Luke Mason (IMMINENT REIGN), Donald Kent, Lord & Lady WØLFSHIƏLD, Emily Youcis, Hiraeth, Jeff Winston, and JAMES RYAN! Getting to meet some of the WACPack and extended WAC family filled me with great hope for our future. The day itself feels like it went by in a blur of smiling and laughter and strengthening the bonds of friendship with the best soundtrack ever.

I also felt safe. Safe at the venue, safe with all of the WAC artists -- as well as our vetted attendees and vendors. I don’t think I could have enjoyed myself as much as I did without this sense of security.

I also felt welcomed. No jitters about meeting anyone, or worried that I wouldn't be accepted. Our sponsors and vendors were all dedicated and delightful (I'm looking at you Global Minority Initiative, White People's Press, Ko$chertified, Antelope Hill Publishing, J LaDarc, and anyone else I forgot because I was overcome with WACness!)

I rode a wave of warmth the first few days after WACFest. It leveled off, but that made me sad. I directed my energy to the SNL show coming up.

During the WAC Saturday Night Livestream that followed WACFest I felt profoundly sad seeing my WACFest buddies in the chat. Especially Luke Mason, Kandro, and Alma Lahar during the stream -- it felt so, so wrong to see these intense, creative, kinetic men tethered to a stationary piece of metal to communicate. It made me sad and a little angry that this is the way the modern world works, but also grateful to have made real friendships here in the ether of flickering pixels that effortlessly translated into offline, face-to-face reality.

I miss you crazy yahoos.

I'd sort of struggled with idea of "biospirit"... until WACFest.

I felt it, and now I know it.

Clicking my heels together right now, "There's no place like WACFest, there's no place like WACFest, there's no place like WACFest."

See you next year!


Mama P

The WACFest performances will be premiering SAT. 6/26 and SAT. 7/3 @ 7:30p EST on WAC Channels

DLive: http://dlive.tv/whiteartcollective

Odysee: http://odysee.com/@WhiteArtCollective:a?

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=wac+tv

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