WACFest 2021 Artist Reflections: The Handsome Horse

WACFest was like a family reunion of people who had never met. You probably know that artists are temperamental, musicians even more so, and there are a lot of weird dudes in our thing, so it was refreshing that everyone entered WACFest with a sense of shared purpose. Everyone was remarkably generous with their time and effort and rolled with the inevitable adversity of an outdoor music festival. The randomness is where the magic happens.

Many thanks to Jeff Winston for making it his personal mission to create a viable dissident arts scene. The White Art Collective community works because we really are all on the same side. At least for the foreseeable future, it is us against the world. Great artists do not suffer for their art, they make everyone else suffer. WACFest was the best kind of suffering.

See you next year,


The Handsome Horse is one-half of hit dissident duo the Mamas & the Pepes.

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