WACFest 2021 Audience Reflections: Hektor

After January 6th, I figured the chances of holding a WACFest were low to nil. An in-person festival of musical dissidents seemed too risky. So I was surprised when I received an email from WAC’s director that the event was on. After a little thought, I decided to attend. If others were in, I was in too. I’m not a musician- just a writer- so I was happy to get the invitation to attend.

Arriving on site, it felt like a family reunion of people I’d never met. It felt like the band I was never in getting back together. A powerful energy, like nothing I’d felt before. No dox, but I am still a fairly shy person. Fortunately, Mama P and Handsome Horse found me and gave a warm welcome. I met Kandro, Imminent Reign, Donald Kent, and a whole bunch of formerly-online frens.

The bands rocked. Alma Lahar hit the high note in “Against Time.” Hiraeth and Emily Youcis sounded great together in their duets. The Mamas and The Pepes played like they were old pros. There was one fellow whose name I did not get until he went on stage. It was James Ryan to sing some songs for us. We sang along with him, especially in that one song we all know so well. Every performer played a great set and everyone in the crowd was enjoying the show.

We do a lot of things online because we have to. Meeting people and holding an irl event has encouraged me to keep working and contributing to this growing movement. We have to be safe, we have to be smart, and we have to be active. I’m looking forward to WACFest 2.


Hek of Gab makes videos about History, Myth, and Culture.

All of his shows can be found at: https://tv.gab.com/channel/hek

He has also contributed articles to the White People's Press White People's Quarterly magazine.

His published collection of short stories, The Consequences of Killing Nixon & The Iron Soldiers & Horror at the University: Short Stories, is available at Amazon.

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