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We Need More Right-Wing Movies, But Not Like This

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

By HuWhite Lion

Given the completely degenerate, Anti-White and Anti-American state of Hollywood, when I saw that some patriotic Civic Nationalist types were making a movie, I was generally supportive and intrigued. The movie is called “The Dip Run” and will be featuring some known right-leaning e-celebs including Kyle Chapman AKA Based Stickman and others. The basic premise of the film is that “four crazy friends” go on a road trip across the country to pick up a “shitload of dip” and get into crazy misadventures along the way. “Dip” is slang for chewing tobacco for anybody not in the know. Although deracinated, I figured they would at least espouse a handful of positive, patriotic, implicitly White ideas. Unfortunately, after watching the trailer, I realized I was wrong.

With strippers, tat sleeves, wiggers, gun porn and calling rural White people “inbreds”, it seems that these patriots are just aping things they’ve seen in Hollywood movies. In Based Stickman’s post, he described the film as “Harold and Kumar meets Smokey and the Bandit.”

One of Civic Nationalism’s biggest flaws as a political ideology is that it isn’t allowed to have a long memory. Therefore, the culture it reinforces can have no depth and cannot provide its adherents with any real meaning. Civic Nationalism makes you part of a convoluted story in which your ancestors are the villains. This is largely because Civic Nationalism buys into the concept of racial equality and therefore it lives within the Marxist paradigm. So, while Civic Nationalists hold the founding fathers and their ancestors in high esteem, they simultaneously have to constantly apologize for the fact that some of them were slaveholders and most of them were race realists. Their pride and connection to pre-1965 history always has to have a caveat. This breaks the chain of shared history and creates an incredibly limited pool of shared cultural references for Civic Nationalist artists to draw from.

The other problem in trying to create a Civic Nationalist movie is that not only can you not include White history without apologizing, you also have to try to be inclusive of all the based Indians, Blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, Jews, etc. who also believe that a nation is based on paperwork without unintentionally offending them. This is a nearly impossible task. It’s easier to just avoid discussion of anything that might be deemed offensive by anyone.

If you can’t have shared, meaningful cultural ideas and references in your movie then you really only have one common thread: consumer products. The entire plot of the film is based around a consumer product and interestingly enough, the makers of the film own and operate a company called MudJug which sells spittoons. In a cynical move that would be approved by both Hollywood and Fox & Friends, MudJug is featured prominently throughout the trailer and on the promotional poster. Adam Sandler would be proud.

There are a couple of things we can take from this. Firstly, when you try to make a movie for everybody, you end up making a movie for nobody. Meaningful and therefore functional culture is highly subjective and the more you water it down to reach a broader audience for profits, the more it becomes a vapid, time-killing, caricature of itself. This only serves exploitative globalist interests. Secondly, we’re not going to win the culture war by aping Hollywood nor can we win with a shallow culture that leans to the right. In order to win, we have to create our culture anew, with deep meaning and reference and reverence for our oldest history while simultaneously transcending it.

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