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White Art Collective Progress Update: We Got Positive Press!!!

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

By Jeff Winston

So, back in late May when we collaborated with The Decency and Matthew Drake on the music video for “It’s Okay To Be White”, we got a bit of negative press. I actually thought it was pretty funny and wear it as a badge of honor.

However, in the past week, we’ve finally received some long overdue positive press!!! First, Mina Therese over at did a nice write-up. Yesterday, I did a podcast with Tom Kawczynski of National Right. In the podcast, I outlined why I started the White Art Collective and my vision for it into the future. It’s definitely worth a listen! Check out Tom’s new book “The Coming Civil War” while you’re over there!

Some other updates regarding the White Art Collective:

We’re also collaborating with Tom Kawczynski and Ayla Stewart on another show called “Real America Speaks.” “Real America Speaks” is a show with multiple segments (a mix of news, information, spirituality and entertainment) which addresses the issues of our times from a traditional, White, Christian, working/middle-class, rural/small town perspective. We’re still putting the finishing touches on the pilot episode, but it should be available by the end of September.

We’re also working on another pilot episode for a new White Art Collective sponsored show called “Artistic Dissection” which will be premiering in the next week. “Artistic Dissection” (which I will be hosting) will be a deep dive into art and entertainment pieces (both enemy propaganda and some we like) from an artistic perspective. We will show you “how the sausage is made”, so to speak. We’ll be having guests on various episodes and we’ll always try to have a good time.

One of our resident artists, The Decency, just released his new album “Red Pill Music.” It’s an incredible album which we have for sale over at our store. If you’d like to hear more music like this, please go over to the store and buy a copy!!!

We’re also working with The Decency to create a couple of music videos to promote his new album. I just sent the script over to him for “A More Realistic Vision of Love” and he gave the thumbs up, so we’ll be going into production on that one shortly.

We’re also going to be working with one of our other resident artists, JinjerZilla, to produce a music video for The Decency’s song “The Demons Among Us." This is my favorite song on the album as it hauntingly draws attention to one of the greatest injustices of our time, namely, the sexual exploitation of children all across the Western world.


We have 10 resident artists now, but we’re always looking for more! If you’re a serious artist and you’d like to have your work featured (and/or for sale) on the site and/or have access to our network of artists, please send us an email: We take artists of all talent levels as one of our main goals is to help develop young, budding artists. So, please don’t be shy.


Our goal is to eventually make the News section of the site into a “non-Communist Rolling Stone.” Our addition of Gith Yankee’s movie reviews has been an excellent step in the right direction, but we’re still looking for writers and editors to help us create content. If that suits your fancy, please get in touch. We can’t pay anything for articles yet, but that is our goal. This is a good opportunity for writers who are willing to lend their talents to helping the site grow. When we are able to pay writers and editors, the investment of your time and talents will be rewarded.

Annual Music & Arts Festival:

An annual music and arts festival celebrating people of European descent is an idea whose time has come. In order to make this happen, we need to find somebody with a decent amount of private land in red country that is willing to host it. If you know of anyone who might be interested in hosting such an event, please get in contact with us.

Local Dances:

After going to a number of political rallies and events over the past year and a half, I've realized that the movement is badly lacking a social pillar which could help bring our people together in a neutral, apolitical setting. Another project that I’ve been trying to meme into reality for the past year is the idea of organizing local dances for our singles to meet, mingle, have fun and fall in love. These would also be a good social opportunity for couples and they could set a good example for the singles. Apparently, there’s a synchronicity happening because Landon Mondragon over on Gab and Patriots of Appalachia over on Twitter have also been promoting the idea. Give these good folks a follow while you’re at it.


If we want to win this war, we have to fight our enemies values and ideas with our values and ideas. That is best done through art and entertainment. The more quality content (books, movies, films, shows, etc.) we can produce that are infused with our values and ideas, the more people we will draw to our side. If you are tired of all of the anti-White propaganda, then please help us fight back!!!

None of the aforementioned projects are going to magically happen and even being able to present them to you as coherent concepts requires countless hours of work. Myself and a handful of other activists with very limited time and resources have brought the White Art Collective project to this point, but the limitations of our time, resources, energy and the good will of others have quickly made themselves known. In short, money talks and bullshit walks. We’re seeking people who are interested in helping to fund the White Art Collective so that we can take it to the next level. Only in being able to pay writers, editors, website admins, etc. will we be able to grow. We would also like to have a consistent stream of revenue to invest in resident artists’ projects and for potential advertising on movement friendly shows/sites.

For people interested in helping to fund the White Art Collective, there are two options: Donation or Investment.

If you’re interested in making a recurring (preferable) or one-time donation, please send an email to with the subject “Donation” and we will send you information on how you can donate.

Given our belief that there is a huge and ever-growing market for Pro-White (both implicit and explicit) art and entertainment, we are also offering the opportunity of becoming an investor. If you are entrepreneurially minded and are interested in investing in the White Art Collective, please send an email to with the subject “Investment” and we will send you more information.

Any and all levels of support are greatly appreciated!!! Thanks for reading!!!

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