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World Unites in Hatred of Pitbull Song

By Logan McRay

These days, it’s rare that popular opinion reaches across cultural and geographic boundaries to culminate in a consensus. It happened in 1998 when people universally agreed that the Puff Daddy featuring Jimmy Page collaboration for the “Godzilla” movie soundtrack “Come With Me” was objectively terrible:

Amazingly, history has repeated itself in 2018 as people of all shapes, sizes, and IQ potential agree that the “Pitbull raps over Toto’s Africa” track for the Aquaman movie soundtrack is anathema to human kind.

From USA Today:

"Ocean to Ocean," which was posted online Wednesday, currently has four times as many negative reactions as positive ones, with 10K thumbs down. The most popular comments include apologies to Toto, a request for a "vomit button" and people saying that the single should be illegal.”

Bear witness to the modern music industry and weep for mankind:

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