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The White Art Collective is sponsoring our 3rd annual SPOOKY SHORT FILM CONTEST & FESTIVAL!!!

Watch last year's Festival!

2019 $1,000 Cash Prize Winner

2020 $1,000 Cash Prize Winner

For folks who are not interested in participating in the contest, we're more than happy to show your SPOOKY SHORT!  Please ensure that it adheres to the contest rules below.

If you are an individual or organization who would like to co-sponsor the WAC SPOOKY SHORT FILM CONTEST & FESTIVAL, please email us at


For the SPOOKY SHORT FILM CONTEST, there will be a $1,000 1st place prize for the best overall short film, and subsequent prizes for other categories such as "Best Cinematography, Best Acting, Best Animation, Best Music Video, etc." based on the quantity and type of films submitted.


Official contest rules below:

1. While your short film certainly does not need to be overt propaganda, it should be Nationalist, Populist and Traditionalist friendly.


2. Your short film should also be family-friendly, PG-13 rated.


3. Please ensure that any depictions of violence cannot be misconstrued as calls for violence against any particular group.

4. Regarding optics and the use of symbols, costumes, tropes, characters and caricatures that are thoroughly established in the mainstream, pop culture narrative as offensive and triggering (IE Hitler, Hollywood Nazis, Swastikas, etc.): Part of the challenge of the contest is to show people a narrative and perspective that they've never seen before.  So, we encourage people not to re-enforce the established mainstream narrative, but to show them something new.


5. While technical proficiency is appreciated, entrants will be judged more so on their ability to tell a compelling story.


6. Your short film should be 2:00-10:59 (minutes) not including credits.


7. Entries (for the CONTEST & FESTIVAL) are due by Tuesday, October 26th at 11:59pm. Once you’ve completed your film, please email a link to

8. Please submit a 1080p and a 720p mp4 version of your short film.

9. Short films for the CONTEST & the FESTIVAL will be shown on Saturday, October 30th.  A specific schedule will be shared closer to the date.

10. For the CONTEST, we'd prefer that the October 30th WAC Spooky Shorts screening be the first premiere of your film, but exceptions can be made, depending on the circumstances.  Please contact us for more info.

11. We reserve the right to not feature any films that are submitted that do not adhere to the above contest rules.  If you're concerned that your film might be too edgy or not might not adhere to the above rules in some other way, please reach out to us to double check and we can further advise.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at

Jeff Winston


White Art Collective

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