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W.A.C. Sponsored Christmas Compilation Album

W.A.C. Christmas Compilation Album 2.jpg

My Fellow Musicians and Visual Artists,


The White Art Collective is sponsoring a Christmas musical compilation album called "Meming of a White Christmas!!!"  All musicians within the Dissident Right are invited to participate.  Visual Artists are also invited to contribute a piece as there will be booklet of artwork included with the album.  Here are the guidelines for submissions:

1. All artists will maintain copyright of their work and are free to publish and sell their individual submissions elsewhere.  However, the compilation album will  be available exclusively at the White Art Collective store.

2. We're encouraging musicians to submit original compositions, but if you are passionate about doing an old Christmastime classic, please be sure that it is in the "public domain" copyright status.  Here's a list of Christmas songs in the public domain.  If you are planning on submitting a Christmas classic, please run it by us first so we can double check the copyright status.

3. The compilation album will be available for digital download only.

4. All artists will receive a percentage of sales.  This will vary depending on how many artists participate.

5. Please ensure that compositions (music, lyrics and visual) are reverent, family-friendly and preferably uplifting.  We reserve the right to exclude any submissions (musical or visual) that we deem inappropriate.

6. For visual artists, please keep in mind that your piece will be part of an album booklet, so please account for the fact that there may be lyrics transposed over the top of your composition.  Alternatively, you can designate a spot in your composition for the lyrics to reside.

7. For visual artists, the best visual piece will be made into the album cover.  A $25 prize will be given to the visual artist who wins the album cover spot.

8. For visual artists, submissions need to be 1500 x 1500 pixels at 300 DPI, RBG, as a JPG or PNG.

9. For musical artists, please submit your finished composition in .WAV format.

10. Please submit musical and visual compositions to by December 6th, 2018.  If your file is too big to send via email, please let us know and we'll send you a link to a folder you can drop it in.

11. We will have a special Christmas/Album release party on the December 8th episode of Saturday Night Live-Stream!!!

12. The album will be made available at the White Art Collective store just before the show on December 8th.


If you have any questions, please email us at


We’re looking forward to hearing and seeing what you guys come up with!!!



Jeff Winston


White Art Collective

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